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Where to begin?

Nice to see that you have made it to my page! Here you can find some background information on what I do and how I got there. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Content creation

While studying for my bachelor's in international business, I got the opportunity to do a digital marketing internship in Paris. For the first time,
I was able to combine my creative capabilities with my business insights.

This inspired me to pursue a master of arts in media innovation, where I learned about film, gaming, applications, and social media.


I have since worked for different international companies, doing digital designcontent creation, branding, and search engine optimization.

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Although I started painting at a young age, I did not learn any technical skills until 2018.

In retrospect, not having any schooling has been a blessing in disguise since I found my style through combining acrylic paint with watercolor.


This method is definitely an atrocity to the mainstream painting community, similar to playing the piano without learning how to read music (which I also do). Safe to say that I prefer doing things differently, and I firmly believe that the lack of boundaries has greatly improved my level of creativity. 

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Digital art

Getting acquainted with the creation of digital art was always an exciting yet terrifying thought, but once I experienced the endless creative possibilities, there was no stopping me.

I dipped my toes in the water by getting to know software such as Canva and Filmora. After that, I fell head over heels for Adobe Creative Suite. 

We have been going strong for a while now, and
I could not function without it on my computer. 


My digital (art) pieces include dynamic and digital paintings, computer graphics, motion graphics, illustrations, and much more.

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